VOR x Annie Nguyen

Annie Nguyen VOR 3A Interpretation

Vor 3A x Annie Nguyen

Vor 3A x Annie Nguyen

When partnering with VOR in reimagining the 3A Vintageweiss, I wanted it to be something that truly represented what I like but also would be balanced with VOR's refreshing take on minimal design. The result was a palette of muted colors with subtle pop at the tongue and a surprise on the top view of the shoe with my favorite color, Klein Blue. I wanted this to be a shoe that anyone could wear so I intentionally selected neutral colors and materials. 

In the creative direction for the campaign, being that I am born and raised in Honolulu and currently reside in Los Angeles I wanted to choose an environment that could abstractly encompass both. The campaign has a desert color palette with a juxtaposition of water. Moving was a big change for me that I continue to reflect on and grow from each day. It only felt right that to tie it altogether, I'd focus on movement. This comes to life in the model's, Minori Ito, gestures and fluid motion outfit and in the stills I took and cinematographer Joseph Loeffler's original score and edit of film. The result is an emotional piece that still stays true to the balance of the collaboration with VOR."

Creative Direction/Photography: Annie Nguyen

Film is shot, edited and scored by: Joseph Loeffler

Model: Minori Ito

Special Thanks: Jerry Lien