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One thing I've continued to hear and read throughout my study of successful people is that "Your network, is your net worth". The people you surround yourself with are a direct correlation to the current direction of your life!

A while back I read a book titled ‘Stiletto Network’, that I lost before I could finish the last few pages smh, but I learned a lot. This book taught me the importance of having a group of inspirational women around me. Women that I could learn from and be motivated by.

I began to think of ways to create this 'circle' of motivation and connection. At first, I thought it would be impossible without interning, or randomly asking people on Linked In to be their friend! Then I had to readjust my thinking, we sometimes don't take advantage of the people around us. I started to look inward at the ways  I motivate myself and the knowledge I gain from the people I currently speak to on a daily basis. This helped me to figure out what I was missing from my current circle and I decided to use social media as a way to fill in the blanks.

At first, I made a dummy account but later decided to scrap that and follow these women from my personal page. This would give me the opportunity to connect on a deeper level when I chose to comment or respond to their posts. Making this decision has helped me in a few different ways, not only did I find new sources of knowledge and inspiration, but I have also connected with new people and spent less time scrolling aimlessly without any direction.

Tiffiny Monaè

Tiffiny Monaè

After I was recently featured in an article on Artsy Magazine's website for being an inspiration through my style blog, I was inspired to write this blog post. Feeling honored and thankful, I have decided to share the love and appreciation by acknowledging the women in the fashion industry that have been motivating me lately.

Not everyone has all that they need within their immediate circle to grow, this is one of the few reasons I encourage people to use social media. Although I may not know all of these women personally, I learn from them all in some way. Use your social media feed as your digital network and circle of motivators until you can build your own offline!

Make sure to check out TIFFINY MONAE and read more from her BLOG! Thank you for allowing us to share this post.

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