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By: Sam Cardelfe


Flashback Read from nº18

Genuinely GASHI

The illumination of a rap star.

How the grind “never gets easier” and hip-hop is “home” for the creative.

For those unaware of G4SHI, he’s a comprehensive soul – wholesome in both his artistry and his persona. In the days leading up to my conversation with the New York rapper, I found myself binging on his music, finding each of his songs appealing from the very beginning.

His realness is overwhelming, especially on songs like “ALONE.” G4SHI is the kind of artist that your friends please you to listen to, telling you he's unlike anybody out there right now. Indeed, not many people are as intense in their raps as G4SHI is. Forget for a moment the J. Coles, Logics or Kendricks of the game: G4SHI is the real deal. I eagerly anticipated getting to know him better.


Throwback Read from Nº21

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