What goes great with a coffee table book? Eye-popping aesthetics and a superb coffee table, not only with great style but functionality, a convertible table has been the staple piece to place in a living room setting, in a small space for decades.   Minimal design is something that majority of us aims for in our old and new apartments, serving face to be a relaxed environment to fit our work needs, and hosting friends & family. Boulon Blanc designed a convertible, functional table that can satisfy those necessities.

The company furniture is inspired by several worlds: architecture, aeronautics, watchmaking, or more simple nature. Their products are born of a subtle marriage between technique and freedom of the imagination

photo from Boulon Blanc

photo from Boulon Blanc

Boulon Blanc gave the original convertible tables a facelift with the patented rotating hinges. Usually, the product design is reminiscent of an iron board with the Xshape bottoms.  The table easy to convert with just one motion by a single person.

They are committed to selecting the most valuable materials, to skillfully combine wood and metal making a unique and functional product. Aware of environmental issues, Boulon Blanc is committed to manufacturing its furniture only from wood from eco-managed French forests.

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