Its super bowl weekend for the few of us thats not about the sports life we have you covered. Our top two shows we are binge-watching this weekend :

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- HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA: Two seasons of greatness, this show was too soon for its time, I always say it could've been the voice for this generation; of course, it still can. It's on the top of the list to binge, if it can inspire me then I know our readers will most definitely gain something from this. The success and challenges that best friends Ben and Cam experienced as they set out to launch a fashion brand in New York. Watch full series on HBO.

See that’s why I’m self employed. I’m already at the office.
— Domingo Brown

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He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

UNITED WE STAND, THE ALI SUMMIT: Uninterrupted launched this documentary at the perfect time. It's black history month, its the super bowl weekend and as we know it's much controversy around the entire thing. Muhammad Ali sparked a summit of athletes that fought for justice and civil rights in 1967. Watch the full documentary at

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