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Finally got the chance to see the film Bohemian Rhapsody, though the movie may have some added dramatics which did not occur in real time; it was a joy to look at and in many ways. The Queen band made me think about the earlier start of this company, I wondered, what would work for my peers and most importantly how am I able to help others. A creative platform, a magazine, for the emerging was the first thing that came to mind because of my love for finding new things; meeting new people and the lack of in-depth stories that was scarce in the publication world. Of course when I told others my idea the first thing they said, even to this day is " print is dead," or the famous "you'll never be like these other mainstream magazines." I always used those to fuel my passion, help me understand that people will downgrade whatever you think until they actually see it being done. I remember meeting one of the founders of The Fader, he gave me two solid advice that stuck with me. " Keep doing what you're doing, don't drift away from it." ; what stuck the most " don't try to compete with others just do what you love. "

If we do things like other people in the industry, we won't be creating any real change or any real value. The key to creating anything is believing in your product, building a great structure and having a team that's is highly involved in the culture of your product. Most importantly building a community and a lifestyle; here are a few pointers I gathered up from watching Bohemian Rhapsody.

Being prepared for the unknown.

You never know when your big break will come through; how incredible that Freddie went to give praise to the band on having a great show, to only find out that their lead singer just left for a better gig( although this was not what happened in real life.) What seemed like an end for them was just a beginning, and Freddie was prepared with a few songs he wrote and was confident in knowing that he is great and that the band will need him. Always keep working you never know when you have to show your work.

Believing in yourself and your product.

After creating a great song like Bohemian Rhapsody, their record label thought it was way too long for radio play and was ready to tell them that it's not worth it and to choose another single for their new album. The band knew that it was groundbreaking and believed in it so much that they walked away from the record label to get the project played on air. The song went No 1 not once but twice.

Give the People what they want!

It’s easy to get lost into what you want for your brand, however, it’s more important to know what the people want. The late Steve Jobs said it best "people don't know what they want until they see it. It's your job to create and sell it." The band cared about their audience, and wanted to give them something that is everlasting “ we will rock you” an anthem for the fans. We should constantly create for our consumers and what they will want not just what we think is best for our companies.

Good words. Good thoughts. Good Deeds.

Bomi Bulsara Freddie's dad said over and over again: "Good words. Good thoughts. Good Deeds." Don't lose yourself in whatever industry you're in be kind to people, share your knowledge, give back to your community and help others when they seem to need it the most. What use is it to gain all these knowledge and keep it to yourself? Give and it will come back to you plentiful.

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