New Collection - ANYTHING

Designer Yurga Juozapas’ background in design, and passion for the arts, influence her sculptural pieces. Each bracelet, necklace and earring is made in LA and stocked in luxury retailers across the globe.

Yurga was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. She studied communications in Paris and worked as a model at Isabel Marant. Eventually, she moved to Los Angeles and became fascinated by the endless sky over the concrete city. Trying to marry minimalistic aesthetics with a romantic point of view. Juozapa is fascinated with fairy tales, the beauty of nature, human complexity, and emotionality; work of Donald Judd, James Turrell, Isamu Noguchi, Lithuanian forests and the magic of Marfa. These influences are clearly reflected in her collections.



Back in 2014, before the #metoo movement, we made just one pendant and ring, from there the collection began to grow and gain popularity. We then decided to expand it with earrings, diamond pavé pieces, and more items to come.

The initial inspiration was obviously phallic symbolism, we liked the idea of “fascinus” charms that were worn in ancient greco-roman times. They were not interpreted as erotic objects, just lucky charms for protection and fertility, items of apotropaic magic.

The other part of our inspiration was to steal this archetypal symbol of power with the idea that you are your own master. It’s about being a strong person. A symbol of power over yourself and social pressures, freedom and a little wink “you know what? Let’s do it no matter what other people think, that’s what I want.”

Dating whatever gender you want? Dropping out of college? Moving to a new country? Having your first kid at 48? Working a shitty job that everyone sees as non-ambitious? Pursuing your dream? Reinventing yourself? Blocking toxic people out of your life? Living without social media? JUST GO FOR IT! Make it your own.

We called it Anything collection – it’s about owning it, whatever it is. How you live, who you love, what you think, you are perfectly complete as you are.

View the full look book below :

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