Filmmaker Anthony Prince and designers/ creative directors of ASHYA, Ashley Cimone and Moya Annece produced a refined documentary on the ancient living of Mayan civilization of Guatemala from the 1930s to the 1980s, with scenes of the inhabitants who currently reside by the country's Lake Atitlan.

Men of Maize is an experimental short-documentary film that explores Mayan folklore through a Guatemalan historical lens. Inspired by the "Creation of the Maya" legend, the film looks to embody the spirit of tradition and further explores the intersection of Mayan and Catholic rituals in Central America.

The abstract film serves as a visual narrative that illustrates the interlaced practices that have been largely affected by colonialism. Documented through the point of view of a local Guatemalan-born Shaman, Ignacio Ventura, the film incorporates and is juxtaposed with a distinct Eurocentric perspective to illuminate a multilayered cultural identity.

ASHYA investigates and pays homage to the traditional narrative which historically accounts that all Mayans originated from maize (corn). The experimental short-docu seeks to inspire curiosity and diversify cultural thought and perspectives.

Presented by ASHYA
Directed by Anthony Prince
Featuring Shaman Luis Ricardo Ignacio Ventura
Film Score by Spirit Twin
Sound Supervision by Rajuju Brown
Script Translation by Johanna Gonzalez Leon

Archival Footage & Music
Alberto Ginastera - Popul Vuh Op. 44
Wings to Guatemala 
Menace to Guatemala
Popul Vuh The Creation Myth of the Mayas

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