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Artist to know: Meerkat Meerkat 

Masi Bräunlich and Manuel da Coll started the project in 2014 but only released their first batch of singles last month. While balancing their lives as professional musicians –– Bräunlich scores German TV series and major theater productions, da Coll drums for the widely popular La Brass Banda –– the two 39-year-olds have quietly been producing an arsenal of techno songs and are finally ready to share them with the world. 

With over 9,000 monthly listeners, Meerkat Meerkat’s debut single “Eleganz” has racked up over 30,000 streams in less than a month on Spotify while “Blackness” and “Galaxy” are slowly following suit. 

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Coming off of a three-year hiatus, where he taught himself to produce, Julian Argo is back doing what he loves- making music. With two new, Jei Bliss produced, singles dropping today, “Counterfeit,” & “Major Ways”, Julian is ready to reintroduce his raw and honest talent to the public. Having a seal of approval from Roc Nation, and finding inspiration in his mother’s journey, Julian Argo finally knows that he is making music for the right reasons.

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MusicJustin Jenkins

Yuna wants her latest work to showcase the new her. But to pull that off, she had to focus her attention on a record that would, essentially, never end. She found that in Rouge. During the album’s year-long creative process, the Malaysian singer reached out for guest verses from some of the biggest rappers in the game (Tyler, The Creator, G-Eazy), went in a funkier direction than her previous projects and appropriately titled the last song on the record “Tiada Akhir,” which means “no ending” in her native Malay.

“I’m just happy that, in this album, people get to see that grown-up Yuna,” she says. “The woman that I am today was built from all the records that I’ve put out before. This is the new me.”

Rouge, which dropped July 12, is a continuation of the 32-year-old singer’s musical resume and an introduction to Yuna’s new funk-driven soul sound. It’s a far cry from the folk-pop fans are used to, but represents a new, star-studded beginning for a singer looking to soon take over the R&B world.

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Samia the Entertainer

Samia Finnerty, who fronts her self-named indie band, is a natural performer, singer-songwriter and rocker. The artist is typically introspective through themes of age, loss, self-image, and identity through seas of guitars and drums. Samia’s thoughtful lyrics and amusing nature on the stage have been seen throughout the country and recently on tour with indie band Hippo Campus. 

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MusicBenjamin Blanchet
Raps by digital design: Introducing Knucks

Good things come to those who wait. 24-year-old rapper and producer Knucks has certainly learned this.His patience has moved him past moments where he felt like artists only wanted him for his beats. He would sometimes run into rappers who passed on rhymes in sessions, even after dropping buzzing singles like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “21 Candles.” Now, Knucks is fresh off a new project, a performance at Glastonbury and a shoutout from Stormzy in front of thousands of onlookers.

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This is Casey's second record with Chesky, following Put A Spell On You, which debuted at #5 on the Billboard Jazz Albums Chart. On Jazz, Casey showcases his immense talent both vocally and on upright bass across 12 beloved Jazz & Pop standards. Casey masterfully reinvents "Why Don't You Do Right", "Hound Dog", and "One Note Samba", to name a few. 

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Dessy Hinds from Pro Era blessed us with his playlist titled – SUNSHINE( SUMMATIME FLEX), it’s perfect timing, beautiful weather and its FRIDAY! Whether you’re grabbing drinks with a friend later or just chilling at a kickback, grab the aux cord and get this playlist jumping…

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MusicSeanella Abraham