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While in college, Ember Niches founders would resell rare streetwear and ready-made eye-wear to make ends meet. In doing so, they developed passions for fashion and eye-wear. Those passions ultimately intersected at Ember Niche. The objective was to create a luxury eye-wear experience, but from a unique street perspective. Inspired by the extreme sartorial novelty of black dandyism, Ember Niche is devoted to establishing a brand that fosters individuality, creativity and fearlessness.

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Fashionseanella abraham

The Anything Collection features diamond penises. Inspired by Gallo-Roman fascinus charms, Freudian thought of power symbolism in phallic objects and owning our own self. She named ANYTHING Collection as the wearer creates its meaning. It's about dating who you want, being who you are, living and loving your life. The pieces are a reminder to challenge the norm, that we all get to choose our environment and values. And that we deserve to thrive.

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FashionAlicia Graham

Jordache is all about retro cuts, acid wash, tie-dye, and fun graphic tees. Their Fall 19 line consists of High Rise Denim in a slim cut, Vintage Crop slim, mixed vintage crop, skinny cut, mini skirts, rolled shorts, long shorts, oversized jackets, shrunken jackets, mixed and patch jackets, denim halter tops, cropped t-shirts, tanks, oversized t-shirts, and oversized sweatshirts.

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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Mlouye's Baguette Satchel

As always, functionality is at the forefront of Mlouye’s design ethos. The Studio is easily thrown over the shoulder with a short, removable strap and nestled under the arm, or carried as a clutch with a sturdy handle. As any new style edition should, The Studio fits seamlessly into any wardrobe, with just the right dash of playful femininity.

High quality, full-grain leather sourced from tanneries in Europe promise longevity with a luxury feel, while supporting the brand’s commitment to supporting the environment.

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