Sole Serum: Killer Heels

October 8, 2015

Let’s face it, wearing heels is a gift and curse. They look amazing, but depending on the height and style you pay for it each inch you walk. Taking off your shoes in order to ease the pain only make matters worse. Taking them off causes swelling in the feet. Time to avoid packing a backup plan for shoes, now you’re able to wear the many shoes you own that can’t be worn because they look good, but just hurt way too damn much!

The power of lidocaine not only blocks the foot’s pain signals from reaching the brain, but also helps to reduce inflammation. Relieves foot pain for up to two hours after each application. Apply just two pumps wait for drying and you’re all set. Sole serum has small discreet packing and is perfect for the everyday young professional. Forbes rated Sole Serum the most innovative health and beauty product of 2014.

Sole Serum is essential for every woman on the go who may find discomfort in wearing heels for a length time. Sole serum is perfect for upcoming brides, you get to focus solely on your big day and eliminate being uncomfortable and in pain. Sole Serum is carried in two sizes 5ml for $12.50 and 15ml for $29.50. There’s also a special for brides in the form of a bridal package $49.50 for one full size and 45ml.

By: Pepper Bass (@downtownpepper)



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