Slim Cinema Recap: A New Wave in Filmmaking

December 9, 2016

I was just a few blocks away but I could hear the music pumping. The night felt alive as I entered the Genius Event Space in Brooklyn. After speaking to Michael Liu, the Founder of Slim Cinema, I felt thrilled to be able to witness my very first film festival in vertical format.

Although Slim Cinema is a relatively new movement that emerged into the scene until January of this year, the team continues to thrive in receiving outpouring love and support from around the world.

In an earlier interview with spoiled NYC, Liu shared, “We have people from London, Ireland, Berlin, Czech Republic, and many other places sending us content.”

The pioneering group is made up of Michael Liu, Brian Pham, Ryan Persaud, Corina Li, Stephanie Mejia and Andrew Gish. With a natural flair for creativity, the team works diligently to create and host innovative viewing experiences through the vertical film festival.

This year’s Winter Vertical Film Festival was bigger and better than ever, with a room filled with up to 350 guests. 

The night started off with an incredible exploration of art where attendees were encouraged to explore the entire venue. Instead of just looking at the work of art, we were enveloped by it — immaculate photography and awe-inspiring art pieces were displayed throughout the space from local artists.

We celebrated with sounds from DJ JRobb as viewers walked about and others remained in a tenacious manner to truly admire the images with wonder as they sip on their refreshments.

Delicious bites were provided for the occasion on the main floor by NYC’s own Bareburger and an open-bar courtesy of CIROC & BRONX BREWERY and Monster energy drinks were also available.

A projection photography station was placed in the near back for people to snap photos. Many crowded around with their friends to pose and make memories. The moment felt magical as we were ready to be a part of history.

The most unusual yet incredibly dope experience from the event was the live tattoos located upstairs in the mezzanine. Real tattoos by @badderisrael were offered to those who felt spontaneous enough to have a remembrance of the moment.

People settled in their seats around 9:45 p.m. sharp to watch the 10 original short films on the #TallScreen. Driven by an audience vote, the winner would be taking home $2,000 in cash. 

The crowd gazed in rapture as they watched each set, and after a few oohs, ahhs, laughs and wows the audience had the opportunity to vote for their favorite film.

As DJ JRobb hopped back for his second set, the festivities continued as everyone gathered to mingle, eat and dance. The night felt young as people swayed across the dance floor to show off their best dance moves.

Slim Cinema became alive more than ever when people began to duel one another to a dance battle. The eventful night included the presence of the talented Brooklyn rapper, Raheem Recess.

At midnight, the vibes carried on to Nunez Bar Lounge. Attendees with a wristband were able to indulge on drink specials until 3 a.m.

Slim Cinema wouldn’t have been possible without the help of their amazing sponsors @bareburger, @ciroc, @thebronxbrewery, @genius, @monsterenergy, @kast.d and their partners #expwithus and @bettermedia.

“The turn-out was extremely humbling! We received great feedback from the guests who came open minded and left with positive perspectives on vertical film. We’re already planning out our Spring 2017 event and you can expect it to be a bigger experience,” the Slim Cinema team said.

All in all, the night was brim with exuberance. Slim Cinema exceeded its expectations and brought to life a new wave that will resonate with many.

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By: Astrid Sarmiento (@lilpoetrid)
Photos: Paulo Salud & Aimee v Hedman
Video: @SaffronPen

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December 9, 2016