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August 1, 2018

“Know your purpose, some people are strictly monetary however a lot of peoples purposes go deeper than that. My aim is that I want to heal, I want to be a voice, and I feel like that’s my purpose on earth, regardless of what path I take after this.”- SILVA


Joan, who prefers to go by the name Silva, is a born and raised Brooklynite, and emerging entrepreneur in the art world. She gives thanks to her sorority and other fellow peers that helped her get to where she is, earning her name SILVA. Joan shares with me that the meaning behind the name can be explained merely as a FIGHTER. That we must say, she is with her ongoing persistence and willingness to make all her shows be the best thing yet, facing significant obstacles during the preparations of her most recent show, allowed Joan to gravitated and accept even more than ever the name Silva. Hiring chefs, celebrity painters, bringing in sponsors and most importantly creating a space that can house a group of artists together to build their brand identity. It’s hard to not admire such skill set on someone. Silva is on a quest to take over the art world and bring something excited and new for young adults, stressing on the importance of buying art, she allows the showcases to be free and open to all. Her production company A Silva Lining Productions host many artists in her Heart|Soul showcases.

Like all entrepreneurs finding a balance can be hard, indulging in school, work and recreational activities can be a burden on one person. Silva explains her journey as eye-opening. ” I was studying to become a physical therapist, and I didn’t have a passion for it and boring to me, I knew this wasn’t supposed to be my life.” Being pulled away from the creative world, Silva explains that it, amongst other personal reasons including family burdens and a loss of a friend. All that played a huge role in her dropping out of college, not something she recommends but for her, it was valid she needed to spread her wings and be the host, talent scout and many other things she has under her belt. The Death of her friend helped her to realize that she was wasting an ample amount of time and should be doing more.

“Many thanks to the Deans List Tour, Mor. Bookings and Scott Morris, as well as Mojo Disco creator of Paint and Poetry for giving me the opportunity to be who I am and directing me in the right path to start my own wave.” Silva expresses to us as she reminisces on how those individuals helped not forget about her creativity and push her to be better.



photography by Corey Daniels @_arkitect



With A Silva Lining Production, my primary focus is how can I help the community with my knowledge and my passion for art, music, and fashion. I don’t want to take away from anyone else’s way of doing these type of events, but I want mine to be unique. There are many different elements to it, and I would like to portray it all. My creativity started when I was a child writing poetry, I never thought anyone would take me seriously because no one really saw that side of me, those who did shrug me off. I also know how to play many instruments, it was mandatory for everyone in my family to at least play one instrument. My main two was the clarinet and a saxophone. I feel like art, poetry, and music is a way for us to express ourselves and tell stories it is generational.

Artist Phil Free @pinmgmt


Know your purpose, some people are strictly monetary however a lot of peoples purposes go deeper than that. My aim is that I want to heal, I want to be a voice, and I feel like that’s my purpose on earth, regardless of what path I take after this.

My first exhibition was supposed to be in June last year, and I booked the venue, I had a ton of amazing things lined up for that night, body painting, photography, catered food and more. The day of the event the owner of the venue called me and told me she was not in town, and I can no longer use the space, hours before the exhibition. I had a celebrity artist John Carl Martin coming in for that show, to do airbrush painting and over 100’s of cupcakes sent in from one of my sponsors. I ended up coming out of pocket for things that were free, I had to pay the baker back, had to pay the chef with money I was not even aware that I had. I was ready to give up, maybe it was a sign this was not for me, I just wasted all the time and money; however, I needed to see that. I called everyone to cancel, and when I got to John, he told me in short not to beat myself up about what happened because I did everything right, and when I do have my event, it will be amazing. He reminded me why I wanted to have the showcase in the first place, it’s not so much about what I do or say but more so about how I make people feel and if I can make one person feel better about themselves or their circumstance even if it’s for a moment, then I did my job. As for the venue canceling on me last minute and in turn costing me, as an entrepreneur, you need to be ready for that– you have to be prepared for the unexpected and the expected.






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