Red Stitching Will Probably Be Iconic

March 6, 2013

RSM is short for Red Stitch Malevolence.They are a collective of four undergraduate students who are pursuing a higher education at The College of Staten Island. Lamar “Mar” Robillard, Roderick “Bones” Bailey, Ezekiel “Zeek” Alvarez, and Raymundo “Ray” Valentin are the members of this team– which is dedicated to creating signature pieces to represent what they’re about: New York style.

They are attempting to create a fusion of high end fashion and street-wear. “Of course when creating a piece our vision is to go global; giving everyone a taste of the flavorful New York Steeze.”

The origin of their name comes from their perspective on how clothing should be made with great quality from the beginning, hence their use of the word STITCH. They believe that their special attention to detail can make their clothing iconic.

According to the group, various shades of RED depict potency; which the group believes encompasses their brand. They see their brand as powerful, influential, and inspiring.

MALEVOLENCE symbolizes the street portion of their brand. They see it as vicious, raw, gritty, and ill-willed. The word has a deeper meaning as well, it’s as they put it, by using malevolence in their name they are “foreshadowing the destruction of competition by remaining creative, innovative, and cultured.”

“These are our general meanings much deeper meanings remain amongst us which will later surface through our clothing,” said the group.

Each piece they create is one of a kind, and though they do not make individual pieces that are customized to an individual customer’s exact specifications, they say each piece has so much attention paid to it during the creation process, that it’s as if the piece was custom to the buyers wishes.

Mar told A.R.T.S.Y that the idea for RSM came to the group in April of last year, but that they did not get the idea off the ground until they released their first hat last fall.

The RSM Collective currently only makes hats, but they are working on a full fledged clothing line which they expect to release in Fall 2013. They plan on releasing more hats and a few shirts in the coming months to continue building the buzz of their brand. “We’re building a following by releasing these hats and stuff like that, so that when our line is ready in the fall we’ll have a market,” said Mar.

For now if our readers are interested in picking up an RMS item they will have to contact them via email at Stay on lock with A.R.T.S.Y for more information on RMS and their coming clothing line.

Article By Pedro “Skinny P.” Bermejo

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