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March 14, 2017

Everyone has items that they just can never let go of. Things that others might consider out of season or even useless. Although, when something has a special memory or feeling attached to it, sometimes only you can know the important place it has in your heart. Designer, and all around creative, Jonathan Brui teamed up with A.R.T.S.Y to showcase the clothes in his closet that holds a dear place for him.

Tell me about yourself ?
I’m Jonathan Brui and I’m the Creative Director of Brui Homme.

What brought on this editorial?
This editorial is a series called “Archives In The Closet” a collaborative effort between a team of amazing young talent, featuring pieces that I covet from my personal archive. Pieces that I greatly treasure, due to the admiration and memories shared in them.

What meaning and feelings did you try to convey through your clothing?
I don’t try to convey any feeling through clothing, but more so a time and place that I experienced through them.
Clothing holds more value when you have an attachment to them due to a particular instance. Most of these pieces
featured in this campaign I’ve worn to Hardcore shows and due to the chaotic discord of these shows it somehow
added more personality to the pieces.

How did you decide what pieces you were going to showcase?
I went through most of my favorite pieces and tried to focus on the work that I truly consider to be the best of both Raf Simons and Jun Takahashi. As well as to how we can juxtapose both in a cohesive campaign that speaks and broadens an audience that may not be aware that these pieces may have existed. Or where the references stem from.

What process do you have for coming up with the outfit combination in this editorial?
Took me a while to go back and pick through the right pieces to convey a language in which I felt properly shared a moment, time and place in a chain of memories. My process is greatly heightened by visuals and personal references. In this case, we featured several pieces from Jun Takahashi’s “Undercover,” “Arts & Crafts,” and “Scab” Collections. Which are two of the many collections I hold dear. I’ve amounted so many pieces because that language spoke to the me and a group of eclectic kids that understand the craftsmanship and overall presentation of detail.

By: Jonathan Brui
Photos By: Jacob Consentein
By: Kwesi Mark (@elkwesi_)

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