June 6, 2017

PARIS, PALAIS DE LA BOURSE- Discover a sneak preview of the new designers who joins the upcoming Tranoi women’s pre collections! innovative, sustainable. ethical and edgy. Like and follow them!

FETE IMPERIALE-FRANCE Fascinated by the open and uninhibited spirit of the nineteenth century in Paris, as well as the decadence of the wild nights of the 80s Laura Gauthier Petit decided to inject some liveliness and freshness into Parisian fashion.
Fête Impériale is characterized by an anti-academic style with hidden symbols. @FETEIMPERIALE

EDUN – United States

In respect of its mission to source production and encourage trade in Africa, EDUN mixes its modern designer vision with the richness and positivity of this fast-growing continent.
EDUN is building long-term, sustainable growth opportunities by supporting manufacturers, community-based initiatives and partnering with African artists and artisans. @EDUN

BIEL-LO – Spain

Carrying on a 25-year old tradition of expert craftsmanship, Biel-lo produces fine quality knitted garments and accessories in the mountains of La Llacuna, Barcelona. Based on an old-world mentality, we present a new era of fashion-forward items.
Biel-lo is created by and for people with an ageless spirit, providing home-spun quality in every detail. @BIELLOCLOTHING

WEHVE – Belgium

WEHVE – leader in sustainable and ethical fashion – is the intersection of natural beauty, colors and textures with the unparalleled elegance of European design. It is this unique perspective that permits the constant reinvention of the collections, while maintaining their basis in preservation of ancient methods and traditions from around the world. @WEHVE


Resident of the Ukraine Fashion Week, Nadya Dzyak is a designer brand created in 2008. The brand’s philosophy “effortless chic” forms a special look full of bright charisma. Each collection is made of architecturally precise forms and unique prints. Nadya’s collection is already sold in high-end stores in Ukraine and Western Europe@NADYADZYAK


From sporty to elegant, Schella Kann’s designs mix the styles for every occasion. Based in Vienna since 1985, Schella Kann puts the emphasis on sustainability.
The fabrics are organically dyed and often include bi-elastic materials. Of course, traditional fabrics like leather, wool or silk are well-represented in the collections. @SCHELLAKANN

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