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January 18, 2016

There’s always a side effect to certain chemicals in all the products that we use whether we want to admit it or not. The first thing we think of when we see side effect is medicine. Actually any product has a side effect to it, could be from a household cleaner to a shampoo. We all should know by now what chemical based shampoo does to our hair, it strips the natural oils from our hair, scalp and prevents growth in some cases. Also, face cleansers dry out our skin, causing us to apply lotion, only to clog our pores.

I have put together a list of natural foods that can be used on the face and hair luckily you can eat these products.

Natural Skin Care

Lemon halves: get a lemon and slice it in half, get one half and place it on your elbow or knee and twist, let the juice rub into your skin. This process will lighten any dark spots.

Oatmeal, honey, apple cider and vinegar: can be mixed into a paste, spread around your forehead, cheeks, and chin. This process will balance all your skin tones in your facial complexion.

Avocado and lemon can be mixed together and place on face to moisturize, and exfoliate the skin. This process will lift dead skin cells off the face and add needed moisture in the new skin area. (don’t apply to sore, sensitive skin)

Strawberries can be blended into a smoothie and applied around the nose and around the lips. This process will moisturize the dry skin in these areas.

Brown sugar and water can be mixed in a paste and placed on lips. This process will gently lift dead dry skin on lips.

Hemp and honey can be added into a cream. This process will soften lips and remove any chap.

Natural Hair Care:

Pumpkin, jojoba, and olive oil can be blended into a smoothie like liquid. This process will protect your hair shaft and smooth your strands.

Lemon can be juiced into a liquid and soaked into your hair. This process will naturally lighten your hair 1 or 2 hair shades down. Depending how long you leave the concoction in.

Jojoba oil and peppermint oil can be mixed with water and applied to scalp. This process will add oils to your natural oils in your scalp and your hair will be relieved of stinky dry scalp if you don’t wash everyday.

Banana, honey and almond can be blended into a smoothie and applied to hair. This process will remove frizz add nutrients to your hair that it loses in daily action, such as wind, weather and styling procedures.

Almond oil and egg can be beat together, warmed and applied to the hair, left in for 20 minutes. This process will add protein and moisturize your scalp.
Banana, almond milk, coconut oil, honey and egg can be blended into a smoothie and applied to your hair. This process will automatically add volume, lift and bounce curls.

Have fun mixing these yummy concoctions together and enjoy adding them to a meal as well. Each item listed if eaten, will boost process as well.

By: Pepper Bass (@downtownpepper)

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