#MPFrias The Scarlet Event

May 19, 2015

On the top floor of a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, writer MP Frias hosted a networking event that showcased works by an all-female group of artists last Friday.

Centralizing on feminism and “women supporting women,” Scarlet: A Celebration of the Female Expression featured comedic, spoken word, and jiu-jitsu performances, all the while gathering folks together to form meaningful connections.

The two-part event was first accompanied by a three-course dinner prepared by Chef Diamond Wynn, where guests were encouraged to mingle with strangers. “Now each person has to say three facts about themselves,” said one of the hosts as she picked up the mic. Fellow artists, nursing students, teachers, New Yorkers, first time travellers; people from all walks of life (both men and women) socialized. “I feel like I know too many people that should know each other,” Frias said, “I need all these people to meet each other somehow, and I don’t want to do it in a bar.”

The paintings and framed photographs that adorned the walls were truly magnificent. From the multicolored goddesses painted in acrylic to the pencil drawn deformed faces on paper, each piece was stunning. Artist Millie Crespo’s painting of the character Beetlejuice was the talk of the night, as folks gathered to buy a $10 raffle ticket in hopes of winning the large black and white canvas. “I can’t believe she’s only been painting for a year,” said guest Elizabeth Rosa about Crespo, “I think she’s a good representation of a female artist.”

One of the many live performances that struck a chord was Spoken Word Artist Elizabeth Acevedo.  Her poem “Hair” had everyone snapping their fingers and yelling, “That’s right!”

“They say Dominicans do the best hair. I mean, they wash, set, flatten’ the spring in any lock,” Acevedo recited, “ but what they mean is they’re the best at swallowing amnesia!”

“These girls are so incredibly talented,” Frias said, “they need a place to stand out.”

Comedians from “We Stand Comedy”: Tara Cannistraci, Kimberley Hellem, Ashley Gavin.

Spoken Word: Elizabeth Acevedo, Frankie Reese.

Artists: Millie Crespo, Daniela Mariot, Michelle Muzyka, Flordalis Espinal, Tiffany DeJesus, Malanya Graham

Brazilian Jujitsu Practitioners: Jillian DeCoursey, Vianca Jager

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By: Sandra Almonte (@sandy_girl89)
Photos: Ailyn Robles


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