Mixtape Review: 4Play

October 7, 2014

Recent signee to an undisclosed label, G4shi released his newest project, 4Play, over the weekend. The Albanian rapper and travel man currently resides in Brooklyn, New York where he has built a great following. If you never knew who G4shi was and what he was about, then you will find out by the end of the 16-song project.

4Play begins with the song “October 4th“ which happens to be his birthday. “Was Born in Africa, no that is no lie…don’t tell me about no grind. I snuck into 24 countries and I ain’t have no dime.” Within those few lines alone you were thrown into the world of G4shi and his continuing journey. You can tell in every line he spits, there is a sense of urgency, as if he does not have a lot of time to be successful in the Rap game. He claims he’s the one his family now depends on and that pushes him to make sure he succeeds.

Despite his talks about his own fears and worries and concerns about his career, G4shi does not shy away from also reminding you that he was made for rap. He repeats “Made for this shit“ in the beginning of his song “Who Made Me“ and followed that with the braggadocios chorus “Don’t hate me, hate God cause he made me”.

You can catch G4shi bragging quite often on this project and it’s perfectly fine because it has a perfect balance of bragging and actual lyrical substance. Songs like “What They Know,“ “Laughing“ and “No Favors“ are perfect examples of his lyrical ability. Any rapper that can capture me with a story and inspire me to stunt at the same time is doing a great job in my own opinion.

The minimalist production style fits for G4shi. By having that production style, you are not overtaken by the beat, allowing you to truly capture his journey word by word. Some production credits go to Smokie Morrison, Success Music and Matthew P. Vinny Cha$e and New York’s Ken Rebel are the only two featured rappers on the project.

4Play is a great project from the Albanian rapper that will definitely keep you craving for more. He may be underground right now but it won’t be long until you start seeing him blowing up. You can listen to 4Play on his Soundcloud (search G4shi) where you can also download it.

Rating: 4/5

​By: Romel Lherisson

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