Lucid FC: Leaders, To Be

September 10, 2014

IMG_1057-copyThe beautiful thing about 2014 is that many young creative minds are leading the pack. The owners of Lucid Footwear Clothing (Lucid FC) are definitely in that class of influential young creatives. The 18-year-old owners, Jonah Levine, Betts and Chett DeHart began their careers as Youtube sneaker critics. Little did they know, they would soon become owners to one of the best street style brands on the market.

Originally from Atlanta, twins Chett and Betts moved to New York to merge with their New York friend Jonah. Lucid FC, formerly owned solely by the Deharts, became a three man “band” after they soon noticed the talent and drive they all possessed as creatives/business partners. Highly respected in Atlanta, Lucid FC became popular for helping bring a name to the almost non-existent Atlanta street style scene. Although I’m sure they’re missed, the brand has already made various moves since relocating to New York.

The young style icons have much in the works. Their latest collaboration with “To.Be” is 1/1. It allows the consumer to add the brand’s logo (as much as they want) to a T-Shirt for $40. The logo itself is unique. Often confused as hashtags, Betts DeHart explained that the logos are F’s and L’s merged. The concept behind the logo is simply to make people think “What is that”? The mindset goes beyond the logo and ventures on to their other products.

Lucid FC, although commonly known for their clothing products, don’t shy away from making other goods. As of right now they’ve made lighters, ashtrays, doormats, a tent and various other products. They’re looking to eventually make underwear and home goods covered in their logo. The concept is simply “why not make it”? The brand is also looking to eventually create Tour Merchandise for their friends as well as collaborating with a few sneaker brands.


Despite their rising fame in the fashion world, the Lucid FC’s owners are very humble. “ It’s been amazing,” says Betts DeHart. Chett chimes in saying, “Tell these fashion kids to be themselves…we’re just wearing what we want to wear. Just express yourself, wear what you like”. Jonah finished his tips off by saying, “Every time I tried to emulate someone, it went no where. Every time I was myself, the world just worked itself out”.

These three creatives and brand owners have ambitious goals. In just a few years they hope to finish college, open a flagship store, and possibly expand their name from clothing to music. Lucid FC’s Fall Collection is set to drop October 13th featuring their Chelsea Biker Boots as well as their 2-Tone T-shirt. Their highly anticipated “To.Be” event is also scheduled for September 13th.

By Romel Lherisson
Photography By Aagdolla

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September 10, 2014