May 26, 2017

NEW YORK– What do you do after love at first sight? If you’re not acquainted with the movie Love Jones, let us give you a quick run down. Two urban kids Darius played by (Larenz Tate), and Nina( Nia Long) both very creative. Darius is an aspiring writer and Nina a photographer, share a connection when they met at a Chicago club. Both bonding over their love for music, poetry, and photography. After developing a romantic relationship, Nina left to New York City to rekindle her past relationship with her finance and of course left Darius heartbroken. Love Jones was, and dare I say still is one of those movies that we would watch over and over and somewhat fall in love with how orthodox the love between the characters was. If you haven’t seen the movie, get with it.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the classic motion picture film “Love Jones” ..All Flights Delayed brings to you an experience of a careful hand picked collective of unique artists engaging the audience in Spoken Word, Poetry and Jazz. Fashioned over music inspired by the classic motion picture film.
The setting of a room is most important for every event. Stepping into a packed room of individuals either booed up or just here to enjoy the words of some talented musicians and poets. Every person in the audience was so engaged to the performances. Majority related to falling in love, or having a hard time getting over the first love. The breakup that left you questioning your entire existence, or the one that got away. I must say it was a great environment, the old school music that was played during each intermission bringing back that 90’s feel. The guys at AFD did an amazing job putting together a one-man show, allowing each act to express their personal stories, through music or spoken word.

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