Laughing: A video by G4SHI

November 6, 2013

Rising Rap star G4shi released his second single entitled “Laughing” off his upcoming project “Who Made Me”. The Albanian Brooklyn rapper has received a lot of attention lately, including an appearance on MTV’s Rapfix with Sway and Busta Rhymes, as well as being shouted out by HOT 97’s Peter Rosenberg.

The video seems to take after the now popular trend of being quite silly and random in your videos. Despite the trend working unsuccessfully for many rappers, it definitely works for G4shi. The great videography and editing of the video—far from sloppy—keeps you entertained while listening to the song.

As far as lyrical content goes, I must say I was very impressed by G4shi’s rhymes. He takes the typical “back then [they] didn’t want me, now I’m hot [they] all on me” idea and flips it into his own. The song is targeted to those who doubted and made fun of him as he now laughs at them for his rising success.

The most compelling part of the song is the super tight production by SuccessBeats. The hard-hitting drums mixed with the sample, which was a somewhat demonic laugh, interestingly makes for a great beat. Considering the fast pace beat, SuccessBeats slowing the song down with the sample going over a break beat was a perfect way to prevent the song from sounding redundant.

While the song is worth a listen and download, the video is definitely worth watching, as well. Check out the video right here on A.R.T.S.Y.

BY: Romel Lherisson

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