Late Night Episode: Visual Album ‘LAY OFF’

July 19, 2018

Late Night Episode is a rock ‘n roll band formed in the Alphabet City neighborhood of New York City. In 2016, the quartet produced the critically-acclaimed album Arcade for rapper, Topaz Jones, which received praise from the likes of Pitchfork and Pigeons and Planes, but it wasn’t until a close friend heard an acoustic rendition of their song “Swim” that they were encouraged to put together more rock tunes of their own. After a couple releases with New York label Dirty Canvas, and an acoustic demo “Lost in Cali”, the band received praise from Billboard, Nylon, Ones To Watch, Baeble, AltPress, Pigeons & Planes, HuffPost and a number of other tastemaker blogs. With this positive feedback, the band began their first full length project.

In early 2018, the band went independent, drove cross-country to Los Angeles and moved into a small two bedroom house in Crenshaw, where they self-produced and recorded what would later become Lay Off. Following the album’s completion, Late Night Episode hit the road, opening for bands like Coast Modern and Ripe. Along the way, they worked with a number of talented and dedicated filmmakers that helped them bring their music to life. With the last dollars in their bank accounts, they went for broke and shot videos for the entire album: “We’ve always been inspired by the idea of collaborating with video artists and having visuals for our songs,”the band explains.“We wanted to do the complete opposite of what we were doing at the time – just releasing singles – and see what the result would be.”

Lay Off, the visual debut album from Late Night Episode, is available everywhere today.

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July 19, 2018