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August 11, 2015


Viva La Moombah

In society, the idea of the student-athlete is praised on a God-like level. The NCAA and the hundreds of teams under it’s umbrella represent a billion dollar business that dominates television sets all throughout the year. While players are catching footballs and dunking basketballs, there is another type of student that needs to be highlighted and appreciated. Those students are the student-musicians.

Kapo, a 22-year-old DJ and producer from Colombia, recently graduated from St. John’s University with a degree in Chemistry. While working endlessly in the Chemistry program, he was in his apartment, teaching himself how to produce music. What’s amazing is that throughout a rigorous course load, he managed to learn how to produce several types of music, maintain a decent GPA and grow his brand outside of New York.

An avid gamer in his younger years, Kapo had to sacrifice his time on the sticks in order to focus on music. Ironically enough, his name derives from his usage of “El Capo,” which he used as his username while playing video games. Two years into making his music, he began to realize his own potential, noticing that his skills had grown tremendously and his music was well-received enough to keep music as just a hobby.

Being Colombian, Hispanic sounds and rhythms played a major role into what his own sound would become. Although not being the best dancer, he claims that being in an environment that blasted reggaeton, salsa and bachata, among others,. influenced his style. However, his other influences may be the complete opposite of his Colombian influences. “I actually got started by making Dubstep. That’s how I started being a producer, listening to Skrillex, Nero, Doctor P and stuff like that,” Kapo says. His experience in Electronic-based music and Hispanic music allowed him to perfectly crossover into a new style that began forming a few years prior named Moombahton.

Moombahton is a music genre that fuses house music and reggaeton. It’s origins date back to 2009, meaning that Kapo is one of the pioneers in driving the genre forward, considering his commercial success. He discovered the genre thanks to a youtube channel he was subscribed to. “I just started practicing. Two, three years went by and it just became my sound in a way. I developed it”. His dedication to perfecting his craft can be documented in his three Viva La Moombah EP’s.

The Viva La Moombah Ep’s are a trio of EP’s released by Kapo on his soundcloud. They’ve received a lot of attention, with most of the tracks over 10,000 plays. Although it’s been over a year since his last Viva La Moombah release, he still is consistently releasing music through soundcloud. In some cases, songs are original pieces that he started from scratch. His most successful releases, however, are the songs he has remixed for other artists.

Kapo has managed to score himself international success, which is amazing for an artist who is still growing. “Gimmie” by Albeezy, which was produced by DJ Kapo is currently charting in Turkey and playing in clubs across the ocean. Not just focusing solely on Moombahton, he has been able to produce songs in various different genres such as progressive house, trap, twerk and dubstep. His most recent song is a remix of Papi Shank’s song entitled “Can You Take It.” Besides being a producer, he is a DJ that takes great pride in his craft.


..focusing on a song or a sound and getting the product that I have in mind is just amazing.

Kapo didn’t start out as a DJ, but was convinced to be one after SAV & Mystereo wanted him to spin a set. He had never DJ’d prior to the gig in Manhattan, but taught himself in order to seize the opportunity. Not so long after that moment, he found himself becoming comfortable behind the turntables, rocking crowds with a diverse set of music. Kapo describes his set as sexy energy, blasting songs from Trap Twerk to Moombahton. Despite his new found love for DJ’ing, producing is still at his heart. “Just being by myself, focusing on a song or a sound and getting the product that I have in mind is just amazing.”

In just four years, Kapo has managed to find international success and also can be considered a pioneer in the fairly new genre that is Moombahton. Through all of this, Kapo still managed to graduate from St. John’s University in 2014 with a degree in Chemistry. He aspires to be the best in his field, go on tour sooner than later and eventually own his own studio. From textbooks to turntables, he strongly encouraged other up and coming artists to “own your craft before you go public,” and to, “make sure you love them 150 million percent.” With an excellent upside and unlimited potential at such a young age, it’ll be interesting to see where DJ Kapo finds himself in a few years. One thing he wants us to remember always and forever is, “Viva La Moombah!”

by: Romel Lherisson
photos by: Raquel Rodriguez

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on August 11, 2015

Awesome write up! Thanks for taking your time to write such a detailed article!!

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