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October 1, 2016


We had the pleasure of chatting with holistic nutrition and wellness coach Maya Goddess. Maya is known for aiding her clients in building a healthy lifestyle, with organic, freshly made vegan juices and cuisine. We took this opportunity to let her share some tips with you guys, on keeping your body up to par. The majority of our readers are entrepreneurs and we know first hand how hectic our schedules can be, we say things like “we’re too busy” to eat a healthy meal, while settling for fast foods. Maya is here to help us with that. Check out our quick Q&A with her and feel free to take notes and follow her on social media @Mayagoddessnyc.

A.R.T.S.Y: Tell our readers a little about your business and your goal in helping people have a better eating habit.
MG: My business is Maya Goddess, it’s a lifestyle brand- customizes in freshly made Vegan Raw Organic Juices and Vegan Cuisine. My goal is to guide people with healthier food alternatives. There is a lack of knowledge regarding vegan foods, healthy eating and juicing my focus is to bring awareness and make it easy with simple cooking tips.

A.R.T.S.Y: What’s your favourite smoothie drink you’ve made, and how would you describe the effects it had/ still have on your body?
MG: My favorite drink to make is the Super Green Juice *kale spinach wheatgrass swiss chard, barley grass*- it’s great for an increase in energy and focus and maintains sugar levels, lowers blood pressure, weight loss and other health issue.

A.R.T.S.Y: What advice would you give to people who are trying to get healthy but don’t know how to start?
MG: I would recommend making small changes each individual needs is different- their likes, schedule – that has to be put into consideration. I like to suggest add more vegetables, some fruits, dark leafy greens, raw foods as well as cooked foods, grains, lentils and drink water with lemon. Limit processed foods, artificial drinks, sugary beverages. Include the family, children, have a dinner parties that has fresh delicious clean foods- make it a social event so it can be fun!

A.R.T.S.Y: What fruits, drink or foods would you recommend for an entrepreneur who’s constantly working and lacking sleep?
MG: For lack of sleep, I would recommend water it helps to keep the brain functioning, a green juice is great to maintain clarity and boost your energy. Light clean foods also is key. Processed foods counteract vitality. Clean fresh foods have essential nutrients that help boost the immune system when run down and due to lack of sleep. Deprived sleep shouldn’t be consistent, your body needs to have a certain amount of sleep to replenish cell renewal. So balance is key!


A.R.T.S.Y: Give our readers a few well needed tips on taking care of their body.
M.G: I can share my tips. First thing in the morning I light my candle and meditate for 30 minutes to an hour. I then drink warm water lemon. I do some yoga pose. Make myself a green juice. For breakfast I usually have some fruit, for lunch I sometimes have soup: lentil, miso soup, vegetable soup (keeps my body temperature warm in the winter) herbal tea I add a raw salad with sprouted quinoa, I snack throughout the day: carrots, celery, cucumbers with homemade fresh hummus, some nuts, orange or red grapes. For dinner I like to eat warm cooked foods: sprouted brown rice, lentils, vegetables (colorful the better) my schedule allows me to get throughout the day because I can come home after seeing my clients or working in the kitchen. I do recommend if your work days are busy and you’re on the go, package the day before. Your health is wealth – low energy can hinder your productivity. And we’ll all want to feel our best.

A.R.T.S.Y: You shared with us a berry smoothie, which was delicious by the way…How are berries important for our body? And why do you recommend that juice to your clients?
MG: *Laughs* the berry smoothie is one of the best sellers. It’s packed with antioxidants vitamins and fiber. I recommend the berry antioxidant smoothie to clients that are pregnant or clients that are lacking antioxidants and vitamins. Also because it’s yummy for some clients that would like a little treat it’s great to give as a dessert to help with sugar cravings. There are fruits that can be a great substitute to sugary processed snacks. By eating fresh fruit *if you can organic, or thoroughly washed with apple cider vinegar* you help stabilize your sugar levels.

Photos: Kasinator

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