July 31, 2018

Jomario Jakes is the CEO of @GENTNYC and the mastermind behind the upcoming series Gent Social, hosted by Jomario himself.  A roundtable for entrepreneurs and creatives to feel at one and comfortable talking about the toughness and grit of being a business owner here in NYC.  We had the pleasure to catch up with him and get some insight on the highly anticipated first episode premiere of Gent Social.  The first episode will be released tomorrow and the cast are, Tina MUA and hair stylist @tinabeautywork, Keiki  swimsuit designer  @swimkasswim, Hassan skin care and beauty expert @hausurban and Hector  the host of his youtube series unzipped @catchdacurve




 Firstly I would like for you to give us an intro on GENT social, the idea behind it and what you want for the viewers and our readers to know about it.

GENT social is a collective. A creative panel, part kitchen table talk – But very much an open discussion. I wanted to hand pick New York City creatives whether born and raised in the city or transplants. I think it’s essential to remove the glamorized vale around being creative in NYC. It’s not all hype beasts, events, and OOTDs. We talk about everything from learning different avenues of entering a particular field to the do and donts of trying to make it in the city while successfully accomplishing your dreams. What’s different about this venture is we don’t know all the answers, and we don’t pretend that we do. We are all very much still figuring it out, but when we come together and have these conversations, it’s a significant way to help grow. Cocktails, vital information, and laughs peppered with about 56 tangents. That’s how I would describe GENT social in a nutshell haha.


 What was the process for picking the creatives/ Entrepreneurs in this video?

For the first two episodes, this was the most natural part. I have such a large pool of creative friends that I literally STAN for. I’m certainly the stage mom of the group, and it fills my heart with joy seeing ppl do well and accomplish their dreams. This particular cast (episode one and two) all share a certain charisma that is very evident once placed in this setting. They are all self-made in every sense of the word and have an undeniable connection whether they’ve met that day or known each other for years.


What is the message behind GENT social?

To me, the message is pretty simple. “There’s room for everybody” time and time again these industries are so cut throat. People think they have to be shady or beat someone to the punch. I wanna Show that isn’t it at all. Nurturing your craft as well as your relationships are imperative. You aren’t necessarily obligated to hold someone’s hand if they want to get into your specific field but I want everyone to remember where they started and how the smallest piece of information goes a long way.

Episode one will be launching on
Gent global YouTube channel
IG tv

on August 1 and episode 2 will launch on August 31st

It will be an ongoing series with a different cast of creatives each time. There may be a few repeats but generally fresh faces to get a real view from different perspectives. In the future, I plan to do live tapings with an audience.

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