EVENT RECAP: First Daughter, Barbara Bush Supports “Awaken Love”

July 26, 2016


Visitors were overcome with emotion as they experienced “Awaken Love,” the free public art installation from celebrity photographer, Chenoa Maxwell in Union Square Pedestrian Plaza.

Chenoa Maxwell is an acclaimed actress, photographer and producer. She first burst into stardom in her memorable role in Miramax’s cult classic, Hav Plenty. Maxwell’s passion lead her to pivot behind the camera.

Apart from her love for photography, Maxwell also specializes as a transformation expert, her self-love practices have touched thousands in over five continents. At her “Awaken Love” installation, guests received a glimpse of her 10-Day Awaken Love Challenge before taking their photo.

Guests cried, shared personal stories, and expressed their appreciation of Maxwell’s installation which was aimed to spread the message of love worldwide. Lines formed throughout the day as people waited to have their photo taken by Maxwell, but it was the moment before she captured their portrait that was most impactful.


“When people stepped into the love threshold I thought it was important to connect with each person individually not only as a photographer capturing someone’s spirit (which requires a level of trust) but, also to walk through a powerful self-love exercise that raises their love vibration and offers love to the world,” said Maxwell.

“I asked them what does the world look like right now at this very moment and even I was surprised at the responses. Each answer was authentic. Many people cried or mentioned the tragedy in Nice, France or the recent shootings involving police. One woman broke down and said that she needed self-love. It just affirms that the world needs this!”


First daughter and philanthropist, Barbara Bush attended the activation with boyfriend, Franck Raharinosy to have their portrait taken by Maxwell and show support for her “Awaken Love” public art installation.

Overall, Chenoa Maxwell’s mission was to raise the positive vibrations of New Yorkers and citizens of the world in the wake of the recent crisis surrounding gun violence, police brutality and the tragedy in Nice, France.

The portraits can be seen for free by downloading The 8 App and visiting Chenoa Maxwell’s profile.


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