EP Review: #BringBackElla

October 23, 2014

In an industry full of followers creating nothing but club tracks for teenagers, Brooklyn MC ScienZe shines brightly dropping his new project #BringBackElla. He isn’t your club rapper, more so a boom bap old school rapper with a modern flow and a story to tell. Unlike the tiring sound that you may get listening to most “New-Old School” rappers, he provides a breath of fresh air. The rapper and producer has a diamond in his mine and this project might be what he needs to break free into mainstream light.

ScienZe begins his project with a very slow, spacey instrumental still boom bap enough for DJ Premier to feel proud. Majority of #BringBackElla has this feel. You are not bombarded with the old school flow, but you also aren’t bombarded with the new trend of spacy hipster rap. It is the perfect balance of old and new and that’s why its refreshing. Songs such as Thunder Cats featuring Niachene and the Proof are perfect examples of the balance between rhyming and smooth beats.

Besides the amazing production, there are a decent amount of features and ScienZe held his own. Niachene appears on the project four times. Asher Roth, DOPELEAGUE and Homeboy Sandman make appearances on the seven-song EP as well. There is an array of producers, which helps create a diverse project. Unlike many other projects that feature various producers, it does not make the project sound as if it doesn’t go together. Each song is perfectly placed where it truly fits and the project is truly enhanced by the multiple producers that partook in the EP.

#BringBackElla is an amazing project that deserves immediate attention. More times than not, I often have some criticism towards the artist about improving their rhymes, their subject matter and/or beats but I’m at a loss for words. If there are any issues, it may lie in some of the features not coming hard enough to the mic or that the project really should have been longer. #BringBackElla is available on ScienZe’s bandcamp and is streaming for free. You can also purchase the entire EP for $5 or buy a single track for $1. I truly recommend you get the entire project, it is worth it.

Rating: 4.5/5

By: Romel Lherisson

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