cornelius + “oxygen.”

December 15, 2014

Lisa & Don are doing fine, using Tai Chi, tea, and light reading in the short film “Breathe” by Caleb Vinson, audio by rapper Cornelius+ with “Oxygen”. While we are only seeing Lisa & Don, it’s the verses of Cornelius+ that gives the couple’s actions volume. In a seemingly perfect life, the insight into insecurities and the hidden problems of the human experience are readily apparent, these are masked by “*empty words” and “*fake laughter.” Cornelius+’ lyrics are incredibly mature and maneuvering us through his own life experiences, his lows and highs, and the coping mechanisms he employed. This is definitely a project that makes us want to see more of both Caleb & Vinson, but until that time comes, we can take solace in the fact that Lisa & Don are doing just fine.

By Kenneth Kashif Thomas

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