Color Me: Flawless in a flash

October 19, 2015

I love the idea of using something so small that has an impact on your life in such a big way.  Color Me is not like your traditional beauty sponge, it’s an actual tool. As a daily user, I’m able to cut time on applying my makeup in the morning, as well as on the go. Fast and flawless makeup starts here, Color Me puts clinically proven innovation in the palms of your hands in seconds.

If you’re using a traditional makeup sponge or beauty blender, it’s time for an upgrade. With Color Me, sponges last up to 30-days if patted with alcohol every few uses. Color Me gently vibrates your foundation on your face and can be used with wet foundation as well as dry.  

Benefits of using Color Me vs. brushes or traditional sponge:

  • Less Product Usage.
  • Quicker application time.
  • More hygienic considering  you are able to dispose of the sponge heads.
  • More flawless finish with application.
  • Ability to access hairline closer.

Color Me is also great for a  swifter contouring application and lays down more full coverage products in a more even finish. Prevents blotchiness and gives an overall airbrushed finish.

Applicator Retails at $54 USD

Click Here

My favorite value for applicators is 8 refill sponges at $27 US

Normally 2 for $9 USD

Click Here

By: Pepper Bass (@downtownpepper)

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