Chameleon Mood Scarf: The Perfect Accessory

July 21, 2015

We’ve all heard of mood rings before, but now there’s another fashionable and modern approach in town! Why spend hours trying to color-match when now with just one simple accessory it can happen instantly? That’s right, the Chameleon Mood Scarf is superiorly more effective.

Encouraged by nature, the Amsterdam-based textile company Neffa has created a promising innovation that not only alters on the wearer’s disposition, but also their environment.

This can only seem fitting, since at one point in our lives we’ve probably had a bad case of the blues as a result of the weather conditions.

Made from 100% silk chiffon, the futuristic garment is inspired by the changing skin of the Chameleon lizard. Ink sensors in the scarf vary in hue when they sense a change in UV light, temperature or mood.

Although, contrary to popular belief, a chameleon does not change color in order to camouflage to its surroundings, but rather to regulate their temperature or to communicate with other chameleons. This factor is due to chameleons having two types of cell pigments in their skin.

Similar to how chameleons modified in colors and are agile in their environment, Neffa’s Chameleon Mood Scarf is coupled with different layers that come with their own sets of patterns and colors.

Providing a sense of lasting comfort, Neffa’s Chameleon Mood Scarf generates a sense of individuality. Making it visible to the outside world of our true inner spirits, its illustrative purpose demonstrates the versatility of our nature and technology.

View the amazing visuals above depicting on how The Chameleon Mood Scarf really works!

By: Astrid Sarmiento (@lilpoetrid)


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