BLEITCH: “Crime”

October 14, 2015

Somewhere amongst these hard Hip-Hop beats coming out of L.A, BLEITCH has been able to make some noise with their future pop style. Their latest single, “Crime,” focuses on a soured relationship between two individuals. However, during the time spent dating others, they both realized they are addicted to one another.

The song is a perfect example of the bands DIY attitude. The song was written and directed by Madelyn Deutch. The other band member, Piers Baron, produced, mixed and engineered the track.

The music video that accompanies “Crime” is wonderfully done, matching the theme of the lyrics. Music videos nowadays are unrelated to the overall theme of the song, so this was honestly refreshing to have a visual that matches the lyrics. Madelyn Deutch did a great job of visually telling the story, allowing the viewers to grasp the central idea of the song without actually having to listen to the song.

The song itself is pretty solid. Although, the song does follow the standard formula of the future pop genre, it’s still worth the listen.

You can download the song on iTunes and watch the video above.

By: Romel Lherisson (@thesprawl)

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