Artist Spotlight: Victoria Siemer

January 26, 2015

Victoria Siemer, also known as Witchoria, a graphic designer based out of Brooklyn, NY, created an astounding series titled Human Error. Each piece of the Human Error series has an error or warning message displayed, typically what you would see pop up on a computer when a problem occurs. Instead of using the original text of the error message, Victoria takes an emotional approach. The messages depict emotional experiences in a computerized error message.

The mood swings and emotional roller coasters that we go through in relationships on a daily basis were the main sources of this series. “Are you sure you want to erase all feelings?” reads one message, “Are you sure you want to give up?” & “Trust this lover?” are a few that throw doubt into the heart. Many of the feelings within the art come from a broken heart, disappointment, and past trust issues. As all error messages, you get the option whether to delete, cancel, or report, you have the option to go forward or delete.

Siemer doesn’t just use the error messages as a way to catch your attention, but photographs as well. Her Polaroid photographs give an effect of vintage love in a modern time when you used as a background.

Although, Victoria Siemer’s Human Error series was outstanding, her levitation graphics are just as amazing. She uses levitation, photography, and computer graphics. Her graphic effects create an allusion of disfiguration or explosion to the body.

The visual effects on Siemer’s levitation projects tell a story.  Whether she uses a background that takes place in nature or inside of a house, there is a hidden message. The levitating bodies, in addition to the background, within each piece has a personal, emotional attachment.

From Victoria Siemer’s “Human Error” series to her individual art projects, I must say she has taken photography and graphic effects to a different level.

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By: Taija Dawn
Photos courtesy of: Witchoria

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