Artist Spotlight: OSHUN

March 4, 2015

Water, one loc, and a little more shea and you’ve got the superpower neo-soul/ hip hop duo OSHUN. Both DMV natives and NYU students, Thandi and Niambi’s chemistry reads vivdly through their music. They essentially are sisters through the Yoruba deity Oshun, goddess of the sweet, fresh rivers. The goddess Oshun represents love, diplomacy, and prosperity. Through music, Thandi and Niambi pay reverence to Oshun, her sisters Oya and Yemaya, while exuding their grace. They celebrate the sacred power of femininity and cultural pride.

Since OSHUN first hit the music scene with their debut EP AFAHYE it was obvious they were destined to be a force of nature in music. Their leading single “Diplomacy” became a theme song for OSHUN with its spirited mantra “No one is enemy to water”. Their single “#” (hashtag) fearlessly attacked the oppressive system in which we live, designed to subjugate its citizens to monetary slavery.  AFAHYE successfully addressed the rites of womanhood while bringing awareness to cultural realignment and societal dysfunction.

OSHUN’s latest single from the upcoming spring EP ASASE YAA, “buildestroy”, expresses the yin and yang of femininity. OSHUN clearly states that though they are healers, they are also warriors. “I am legend, I am love/ and I’ll destroy what I created out of love for myself/ and I’ll forgive them father for they know not what they do/ But if a thing test me, if a thing touch me/ hit ‘em with that clef note”.  OSHUN represents both characteristics of water as an entity that manages to give life in the same way it takes life in order to restore balance. What a moving introduction to ASASE YAA.

OSHUN promises nothing less than to take us to higher heights of consciousness with forward-thinking rhymes that elevate your spirit.

You can catch OSHUN sharing the stage with Jesse Boykins III, Lion babe, and Kandace Springs on March 10th at the Baby’s Alright Event in Brooklyn.

RSVP/ Tickets here and visit OSHUNNYC.COM

By: Zamy Maa
Photo: Noah Bility (@sirnoahbility)

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