Artist Spotlight: Nuri Hazzard

February 2, 2015

Please, act like you know! The Baltimore native, Nuri Hazzard is making noise in New York.

The MC/actor has been serving up gourmet Hip-Hop since his 2010 mixtape Sound Gravy. With a hard-hitting flow, Hazzard’s spittin lucid and insightful lyrics over jazz-influenced, heart-pounding beats to make you bounce. “I want the bounce I give to be a total-being experience — mind, body, and soul,” says Hazz, and that it is. His high-energy, paired with his wisdom, is an inspiriting experience that beckons your participation, whether it’s rapping along or dancing.

Heavily immersed in the arts from a young age, Hazzard graduated from Duke Ellington High School for the Arts. His influences range from: Fleetwood Mac, Sun Ra, A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, Nas, to Masters at Work, which motivates his eclectic sound and style. When he’s not on the mic, he’s in front of the camera acting. He’s been featured in plays and films alike such as the independent film American Milkshake and the short Napoleon: A Dogme Film.

Through music, Hazzard influences others to gain an understanding, not only of themselves, of the world as well. On his latest singles, “Wylin'” and “Second Guess”, he delivers head-knocking anthems, that will be hard to keep off replay. Nuri Hazzard emphasizes execution of ones purpose and desires, while overcoming the haters and distractions (Surely the theme for 2015).

Stay in-tune. Nuri is cooking up a feast to feed the masses, with the recipe we’ve all been waiting for.

Come see Nuri live and direct on February 5 at the Kymberlee Project (1322 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn) for a promising installment of “Red Cup Sessions”, featuring live musicians, as well as a few surprise guests.

By: Zamy Maa
Photo: Chris Decastro


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on February 2, 2015

Follow VTrails and that’s my bro right there. Nuri Hazzard man keep grinding up, straight up, way up and stay up. GOOO Zamy.

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