Artist Spotlight: Khary Durgans

April 2, 2015

Born in Providence, RI, 23-year-old Khary Durgans is not new to the music scene, three years into the game since joining French music label Cosmonostro in 2012, he’s been able to make quite the name for himself. He’s opened up for artists like Talib Kweli, Stalley, and Vinnie Cha$e, and he himself is the embodiment of modern conscious backpack rap Hip-Hop. He’s known more so by his iconic yellow jacket.

When Khary joined Cosmonostro in 2012 he had just made his move to NYC and would release his debut project Love + Anchors last February, which would be well received in the Hip-Hop community having been picked up by publications such as Vibe and Earmilk. Touching on topics such as emotions, red solo cup parties, sailing, and mythical creatures he offers content that can appeal to many, but still tie it together in an organic manner. Still building his momentum, he would continue to make his rounds in the industry, showing his face in various media sources and getting his voice on the radio.

He would release his follow up project the Swim Team EP in last December, which had an even better reception than its predecessor. The EP boasted features from Rome Fortune and ATL based singer Marian Mereba, it would be the track “Swim Team” featuring Rome Fortune that would garner the most recognition for the artist. The visuals for the track would get premiere treatment from The Fader.

As of late there is no word yet from the man in the yellow jacket on his next full project, although he did release a double-track titled “Self-Centered/Twenty – 3.”A reflective piece that speaks on dealing with long running relationships and, obviously, getting older. “The first song idea came about from a trip back home to Providence over Christmas vacation when a friend that I’ve known since middle school called me self-centered. Our feud goes much further back than that, but him saying that made me revaluate who I am.” Khary said in an interview with Mass Appeal, “The second song ties into the first because it’s me venting my frustrations at the age of 23. I’ve been thinking about making a similar song every year during my 20’s.”

Check out Khary’s soundcloud below, you can also check him out on Instagram and Twitter.

By: Kenneth Kashif Thomas

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