Artist Spotlight: ClockWorkCros

December 2, 2014

Art is a beautiful thing, to create something new each and every day shows how amazing the human mind is. Having talented individuals take their talents and bring us great pieces of work is amazing. Art over time continues to change with the artists that contribute to the culture and there are many different versions interpreted. According to Google art defined as:

T“the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”
Walking up and down the streets of New York, you may notice wonderful street art. While sitting in a library or a coffee shop there may be modern art. If you’re into art shows or galleries you’ll see the more sophisticated and abstract versions. Artists like ClockWorkCros continue to push artistic vision making it seem like there is no limit to the mind when it comes to creating. We can classify his art as street, but I’ll go by his saying of Tabula Rasa which means “blank slate”.
New to the Artist Spotlight we have ClockWorkCros. If you’re new to this artist, check out his work on his website, with pieces ranging from Babe Ruth to 2Pac, you can collect a special piece of art. Crosby says, “Inspired by the Surrealist film Un Chien Andalou, the act of cutting a selected eye on the chosen iconic face is considered surreal. When looking at the particular iconic face, the “eye of time” is meant to induce an interaction with the figure the person admires.”
Crosby has a unique talent with turning these clocks into great pieces of work. Even throwing in a twist by melting part of a person’s face as another version of clocks you can order. He also has wooden clocks as well of musicians or actors. It feels like he has a clock for every occasion, and if you haven’t seen his October clocks of the week you definitely need to give it a look. It includes some of the scariest people you can think of as Chucky, Michael Myers, and Freddy Kruger. His “Clocks of the Week” series leaves you intrigued of who else will he do? His recent choices of Kim Kardashian and Bill Cosby leave provocative reactions to say the least. You can appreciate his progression of his art and it seems like he’s found his own niche. To stay up on Crosby follow his Instagram page ClockWorkCros and his website

By: Robert A. Parkins
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