Artist Marc Fornes Finds Fun in the World by “Peeling” It

October 17, 2016

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY is an NYC-based studio that specializes in computational design + advanced digital fabrication, crafting design and structural strategies that build upon the developments of Antoni Gaudi.

Digital designer and fabrication artist Marc Fornes unveiled his most recent permanent project — a 120′ high aluminum installation hanging in tension, inside the world’s largest cruise ship. The results are magical as the experience offers various perspectives for the viewer.

Relative to the speed and vantage point from which it is received, spectators will be able to watch the installation lift or lower. Also, as the piece rises through the spine of the lobby, a juxtaposition is revealed between each sides accent colors: bright neon yellow on the front, deep blue on the back.

The play on the curvature of the surfaces varies perception, allowing sometimes only the blue side to be seen, sometimes only the yellow, and sometimes both. The intensity of its fluorescence aim for the same objective as the cruise vacation itself is to remove a person from his or her familiar, everyday life, and place them somewhere out of the ordinary.

Each of the MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY projects are made of thousands of custom-designed and fabricated lightweight aluminum parts, creating whimsical alternate universes. To view more projects click here.

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