Album Review: FKA Twigs | LP1

September 9, 2014

Being “weird”, is being sexy. With her full eyebrows, bright round eyes, and enchanting visual masterpieces; FKA Twigs has captured many hearts with her outlandish looks and voice. 26 year old Twigs, born as Tahliah Barnett, started in the industry as a video dancer. December 2012, she decided to embark on a different journey; she self-produced and released her first EP, “EP1” on bandcamp. Within the next year, she released a second EP with her current label “The Turks”. In August 2014, FKA Twigs has graced our ears with her debut album, “LP1”.

“LP1” is a beautifully balanced mix of R&B, electronic, and Pop. FKA (“Formerly Known As”) Twigs has a voice that will make the hair on your neck stand at attention while slowing down your heart rate. This album possess a haunting futuristic sound. Deep beats, breath taking synths and Twigs’ melodic vocals puts this artist in a lane of her own.

The versatility of this album is astonishing! “Preface” which is the first song of the album, begins with opera like vocals and choir like harmonies. Throughout this short introductory song many elements of deep, spacey sounds are introduced. Rather than clashing or overpowering the opera like vocals, the array of sound compliment her intricate vocals.

Her debut album pieces together Barnett and FKA Twigs. Songs like “Video Girl” reveal intimate thoughts about her music video endeavors and her slight denial of this part in her past. In her first EP, she portrayed someone who wanted to be loved and nurtured. While in this album she is aware of her worth and is in control. Tracks such as “Lights On” portray this new found confidence and control with a chorus that states “When I trust you, we can do it with the lights on”. Each track on this album will take you.

“LP1” offers a journey of reality, rediscovering and sensuality. FKA Twigs has made her mark. She not only possesses strong visuals but also great sounds to compliment them. We are excited to watch her growth as an artist.You can preview this album on Spotify for free but this is a MUST BUY album.

Listen to the album below, and let us know what you think.

By Aja Easdon

Rating: [usr=4.5 size=22]

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September 9, 2014