Action Bronson, Mr. Wonderful

April 7, 2015

Six months after releasing his single “Easy Rider,” Queens-based rapper Action Bronson has finally dropped his major-label debut album Mr. Wonderful.

Bronson, along with several high-profile music producers, such as The Alchemist, Mark Ronson and Noah “40” Shebib, with guest appearances by Big Body Bes, Meyhem Lauren, Chauncy Sherod, Chance the Rapper and Party Supplies, have managed to create a disorganized, yet entertaining album.

Long before Mr. Wonderful, fans have celebrated the former gourmet chef’s vigorous mixtapes (Dr. Lector, Rare Chandeliers, and Blue Chips 2 among them), where his spirited nature, love of good food, basketball and pop-culture references has frequently intertwined with his music.

While Bronson’s witty, ingenious, and playfully narcissistic rap style blends uniquely with the disharmonious sounds, his approach to showing us who he is on camera through this album hasn’t necessarily made the impact it deserves. Though some tracks flow naturally, others shift unexpectedly. It isn’t to say Mr. Wonderful doesn’t have any chops. With songs like “Baby Blue,” “A Light In The Addict,” “The Rising,” “Easy Rider,” Bronson’s larger than life personality coupled with 70’s psychedelics, blues, rock, instrumental, and hip-hop can be filtered into the soundtrack of many New York City parables.

Because Mr. Wonderful is a beautiful prototype, Bronson has some further testing to do in order to solidify himself as a classic.

Other notable tracks include: “Actin Crazy,” “City Boy Blues.”  You can stream Mr. Wonderful below.

By: Sandra Almonte

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